Friday, September 27, 2013

#9 Learn something from a podcast

I learned how to share my google calendar.

#23 Final Reflection

  • This was meant to give you exposure to new things and give you a chance to explore and experiment.  
    Did it do that?  I did learn a few new things.  I liked the use of twitter.  If I get into a general education this will be great.  

    Did you learn anything new?  How will you use it?
  • This module was organized around the 5 ISTE National Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for Teachers (NETS-T).  Do you have a better understanding of the NETS-T now?  Explain.
    Yes this made look at the different parts of the standard and get a good feel for them.
  • How could you use the "23 THINGS" format to introduce new "things" to your teachers, or to help them introduce new "things" to their students?  Explain.
    This would be good to do an after school class with my teachers to help them learn new things.

#21 & 22 Attend a Webinar & Reflect

Breaking the Cycle of Underachievement
Length: 45 minutes

Presenter: Beth Connelly

Poverty, physical neglect, attachment disorders and lack of stimulation in the home environment can contribute to a lag in development and school readiness. Attend this seminar to learn how students can ready their brains for learning and break the cycle of underachievement that poverty often creates. At 4 days a baby can hear vowel sounds.  If a child does not get the proper exposure to sounds and words, it shows.

#20 Share, Remix, Reuse

I found this image on Creative Commons Site

#18 AUP

Place the link to your school (or county) Acceptable Use policy in your blog.
 Write a blog post that addresses the following concerns: Is it current?
Last update was July 1, 2012.  
Does it include a policy about the use of Web 2.0 tools?  
How does your school maintain records of AUP's on file?  
Copies of students are located in their files at the school they attend.
What happens when a student doesn't have an AUP and the class has an internet research project?
Student must find other means of technology use.

#19 Skype

I think Skype is an amazing tool!  It could be used in a 4th grade classroom to Skype with other 4th graders around the world to teach students about different cultures.  Skype could be used in my classroom for a social skill builder.  We actually used Skype one year to talk to a fellow classmate that went to Disney.  This was a great experience, as most of my students will never get the chance to go.

#17 Twitter

In the Introduction, you created a Twitter account and followed some technology leaders.  Using the Twitter search option, find ideas for using Twitter in the classroom.  In your blog, describe a Twitter activity you would like to do in a classroom. How do you think the activity could impact student learning and/or engagement?

I found a lesson on how to set up parent communication via twitter.  I think that is great because its convenient for the parent and gives the teacher instant documentation. If used in the right manner, Twitter could be a great tool.
Some other examples:
Use for students who miss work
Use 'after hours' for any questions
Use as a morning meeting
Use as way to help prevent blurt outs